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Drop in and let the Malzfabrik enchant you.

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Migrating birds
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Migrating birds

With the tragic comedy by Cillian Mirau “Migrating birds” the theatre shortvivant invites you in August to a special play in the Alte Mälzerei.


Premiere: 13.08.2020

Dates: 14.08., 15.08., 19.08., 20.08., 21.08., 22.08.2020
Start: at 8 pm, entrance starts at 7.30 pm.

Location: Fightclub, Alte Mälzerei, Meeting point: Malzmeisterbüro


Nicolas is backwards looking, Jonathan looks into the future. Mariechen is lost. Both meet again in a more and more crowded and changing neighbourhood. Johanna brings back unbearable memories and lusts for Leopold who focuses on on staying in touch with nature in his homeland and conceals his connection. His confidant Tomasz is going his own ways. Tizian doesn’t want to stay locked up. Cedric suffers from the loudness of the big city. Kilian is letting property and has all strings in his grip. When he reveals that a circus that connects everybody, the close room opens up.


Just arrived and already moved away. It pulls them forwards and holds them back. Language close and far. The music is classic instrumental and live presented in the drum kit. Started in winter and finished in spring. The lark rolls, trills and chirps in it´s flight and does that rhythmically. Try it out, then I know you are here. I´m asking you as a non-involved who is claiming the scene for himself. May I finally find out who is this child´s father? Me, obviously not. Where can I, even though half naked, reach him at the same time? I don't understand them and they don't understand me. what I understood is nature.


Actors: Maximilian Wenning, Jonas Fässler, Armin Schiller, Tamara Lieber, Luca Maurizio Wefes, Hubert Chojniak, u.a.
Director : Ralf Blank
lighting and stage concept: Jakob Wilde

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Pre-sales via email at: info@theatershortvivant.de


An event by Theatre shortvivant