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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
KLIRRRRR festival for queer cultures of conflict
Specials Sa | 01. Jun 2019 | 14:00

KLIRRRRR festival for queer cultures of conflict

Conflicts are everywhere – they reveal themselves in bodies and feelings, in groups of friends and neighborhoods, in the city and in politics. Conflicts are part of planets, fantasies, languages, and ways of life. How might cultures of conflict look that do without violence and question normalcy? Can we understand conflicts as contact zones between divided worlds? As breaks in divisions and occasions for rapprochement and change?


KLIRRRRR festival means: Encounter, gathering, a place where we speculate together and propose inspiring ways of dealing with current conflicts. The festival will be a space of practices, dancing, speaking, listening, of un_learning, arguing, experiencing.


KLIRRRRR celebrates the second project year of Caring for Conflict, a project of intersectional learning initiated by District Berlin and Institut für Queer Theory (iQt) in cooperation with Treffpunkt in der Schokofabrik, KontextSchule, Le Nails Ausbildungszentrum, Alice Salomon Hochschule, AWO Falkclub Neukölln, Alfred-Nobel-Schule, Universität der Künste Berlin, DAMN- Deutsche Asiat*innen make Noise. Funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.


From 2 pm
NAILS hacks*facts*fictions: Trúng Mú – White Mist in Foreign Country – An installation by Nguyen Phuong Linh co-inhabited by In One’s Breath – Nothing Stands Still by Tuan Mami, Memory Of The Blind Elephant by Nguyen Phuong Linh, Blue Flamez by Kim Bode, the collaborative publication – NAILS*hacks*facts*fictions and gatherings


Urban Caring: Meet´n´greet the superhéroes*heroins – A Video by Theaterlinge / AWO Falck-Club Neukölln in cooperation with Ani Lachnitt, El Boum, Verena Melagarejo Weinandt and Liesa Kovacs


Live-Blogging with Maja Bogojevic and live drawing by El Boum


2 pm – 4 pm Urban Caring: Meet´n´greet the superhéroes*heroins – performative superhéroes*heroins *research laboratory with the Theaterlings / AWO Falck-Club Neukölln, Ani Lachnitt and Verena Melagarejo Weinandt

4 pm – 6 pm RadioBodies: Im_possibilities of mediation – Performative Conversation with Nuray Demir, Qwigo Baldwin and Shanti Suki Osman

6 pm – 7 pm Food for Care, Food for Conflict – Communal dinner prepared by Sylvie, Grace and David


7 pm – 9 pm N*A*I*L*S hacks*facts*fictions: Femme Fitness – Sexy Dancing, Agency and Femme Empowerment, 3019 Monday Nails Halle 18 Hack Lab, 4 Real, Trúng Mú – White Mist in Foreign Country and a collaborative publication

Conversations, manicures and transmissions with Anisha Müller, Anna Ehrenstein, Ayşe Gü-leç, Chi Phan, DAMN / Deutsche Asiat*innen Make Noise, Dovilè Aleksaitè, Le Nails training center, Jinran Ha, Johanna Michel, Katja Kobolt, Kim Bode, Liane Aviram, Phuong Linh Ngu-yen, Suza Husse, Thao Ho and Vicky Truong



9 pm – 10 pm warming up sets with the participants of Neda Sanai’s DJ*ane-Workshop

10 pm live act Douniah

From around 11 pm DJ*ane sets by Ki$hori und DJ Hengameh


Get more information about the festival here>>.


An event by District Berlin * Schule ohne Zentrum, funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung