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NOW WON opening ceremony
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NOW WON opening ceremony

A new art piece was installed beside the "Drei Grazien" by Oliver Hahn at the pool. The opening is celebrated on 31st July during the “Swiiitztag” event.

The German concept and performance artist Mia Florentine Weiss (*1980) is acting in the area of object art, installation and multimedia. Her artistic main motive “What is your place fro protection?” flows consequently through her works as much as the questioning of female equality worldwide.

Derived from the ambigram LOVE/HATE and the neon installation NOT/NOW Weiss developed this light sculpture which was unveiled in autumn of 2017 in front of the Berlin Reichstag.

The women magazine EMOTION presented survey results of the Institute of Demoskopie Allensbach about the subject #wasfrauenfordern (what women demand) in front of the German Parliament building. The work was then transported on an open loading dock in front and inside the Urban National Museum for Contemporary Art. After a further debut at the SCOPE fair in Basel, the instalment found it´s way back to Berlin – to Malzfabrik. Here the art work will stay until further notice directly at the biotope and is unveiled on 31st July.

A sculpture that wanders around and wants to be experienced.

NOW WON – a sign that something as to change NOW.

Opening ceremony
July 31st 2018, 9 pm
Location: Schwiitztag stage

More information about the artist here>>.


With the support of Malzfabrik and District Berlin

Copyright: Mia Florentine Weiss