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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
Brahman is extended!
Exhibitions 30. Sep - 30. Dec 2017

Brahman is extended!

Due to the great success, this year's exhibition "Brahman" in the Alte Mälzerei is extended again. You still have the chance to visit this special exhibition until December 17th 2017.


Wednesday to Friday: 3 pm to 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am to 9 pm

Admission: 12 Euro, guided tours always at full hour


Infos and tickets: www.brahman.de


special events

20.12. - 22.12.2017 | 3 pm - 9 pm
23.12.2017 |  3 pm - 9 pm
24.12. - 26.12.2017 |  closed
27.12. - 29.12.2017 | 3 pm - 9 pm
30.12.2017 | 3 pm - 9 pm
31.12.2017 | closed


Information about the BRAHMAN exhibition

The new BRAHMAN exhibition is about experiencing our greatest human potential, being human in its boundless all-connectedness, an experience far beyond our previous understanding of ME. In order to make this experience even more intensive and accessible, Bernd Kolb has included a sonic dimension in his installation this time around. On almost 3,000 sqm, 16 huge exhibits are shown, which offer the visitor "more than the eye can see".


The legendary American composer and sound pioneer Robert Rich has been working for 40 years with the influence of sound on states of consciousness and intensified the BRAHMAN experience with his symphonic work. He himself says that his music is like a lens that sharpens the view of the inner self, a stimulus to discover inner realities. The perfect symbiosis arose with this artistic collaboration to experience BRAHMAN even deeper.


The sounds themselves come from natural sound transformers, a kind of spherical loudspeaker, which, like in the open, creates a continuous spatial sound hologram. Thus, the 9 experience spaces are flooded by vibration. The exhibition is thus a meta-sensual space of experience that transcends all ideas about our self-image. Anton Stucki, the developer of natural sound transformers, ensured with his team of sound engineers that the sound was not only heard but also felt.


A worldwide unique, consciousness-expanding work of art.


An event by Bernd Kolb and the Malzfabrik