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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
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Holy Foods House
Specials 22. Apr - 22. Jul 2017
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Holy Foods House

The Holy Foods House, in cooperation with Foodsharing and Peace of Land is a self-sufficient experiment that will provide solutions and workshops to present an alternative way of life within a small space.

The team was looking for a perfect spot to try it and found it at the site of the Malzfabrik. For three months the Tiny House will be positioned here and invites everyone to visit.

The house is based on the Cradle to Cradle lifecycle, which is inspired by nature’s way of breathing, capturing the energy of the elements, using rainwater and producing a self-sufficient system without waste.


The tiny house will function as a place of encounter, research and active trade in relation to a sustainable lifestyle.


We will host and give workshops on topics such as urban gardening systems, water filtration systems, raw and living food, food conservation, Terra Preta composting toilet, drying and seeding plants, Cradle to Cradle recycling and much more.

Come around and discover the Tiny House and its lovely team around the project!

Get further information about the house here>>.


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