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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
Spiritual Healing
Party 22. Jan - 24. Jan 2010

Spiritual Healing

A new era of spiritual healing events is born on this weekend. After 6 years warming up in Hamburg, we are now hosting the Indoor Winter Healing in Berlin :-))


A new concept that most of you already know from last summer’s open air events will be integrated and we will let our creativity run loose to add something new and fresh to Berlin’s party culture :))

After a few years of intense partying ;-), we have observed that many party goers enjoy day time action ;-) while others are more attracted by the night. That is how the idea developed to give everyone their chance to party at their favourite time of day.


Every human being has a biorhythm. Usually we are awake by day and asleep by night. Many have a precise rhythm during their weeks (wake up in the morning, go to work, and then go to sleep at night.) Weekends full of parties can mix that up quite a lot. If the party is on Friday, one usually does not have the energy and is too tired from a week of work… to a party after all that???


Now imagine this: you go to work as usual, Monday to Friday. You come home Friday, go to sleep and get up Saturday morning at your usual 7h00. You freshen up, have breakfast and instead of going to work, you go dancing ;-) After a long and fun party day, you go back to bed ;-))) Hahaha! The next day you are really FISH = FItt + freSH


A new interesting party concept, isn’t it?


For this reason, we are planning a two day event with loads of surprises and many delicacies for body, mind and soul; spiritual healing style ;-)


Friday night should make all lovers of melodic progressive trance happy on the dance floor while the old school FUNtastics can enjoy themselves on the Old School Floor ;-))) Saturday night fulfills all desires with a true sound of spiritual healing ;-))) And both DAYS will simply turn into a mellow time of partying and relaxing


- Laugh Yoga Dance with Ashish Metha who thrilled and delighted 200 visitors in his last workshop at the Spiritual Healing Open Air ;-)

~Fengshui Workshop~
-Lecture on renewable energies –
~ Gong Meditation with Jens Zygar of the Starsound Orchestra !!! –
~ All together now: Ommmmmmmmmmmmm!!!-
~ Shakti Dance-
~ Treating gemstones-
~ Lecture on vegetarian food-
~ Drum Power/ Drum Circle – with JENS ZYGAR
~ Spiritual Healing Cinema-
And much, much more
-CHAKRA~ (HOMmega Productions/Wakyo Japan)


Fully cushioned, smoke free chill out spaces, sleeping opportunities for visitors from far away, workshops, seminars and presentations, Chai stand, book stand and surprises, surprises, surprises.