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by Friederike Hamann


Opening: March 6th 2014 | 6 pm

Location: Next to Malzfabrik | Bessemerstraße 16

Exhibition: March 7th 2014 - February 13th 2016

Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10 am - 5 pm


On March 6 DISTRICT Kunst- und Kulturförderung inaugurates the sixth project in the series ArtAndArchitecture in collaboration with Malzfabrik. The installation CONSTELLATION I and II by Friederike Hamann has been developed for the second floor of NEXT, a building by architect Jürgen Sawade from 1994 which is now part of the Malzfabrik ensemble. Within the frame of ArtAndArchitecture DISTRICT since 2011 co-produces and presents site specific art projects which yield experimental perspectives at the intermediate zones between architecture, urban and social space, technology and art.

Friederike Hamann’s piece CONSTELLATION I and II seems to be sustained by an idea of the Japanese Haiku, that the whole is always enshrined in the slightest trace. As in the amenable texts of the Haiku genre that become completed only in the reader’s experience, Hammans installations meticulously strobe the concrete substance and consistency of a space and condense it into new material. In this almost mystic reduction modernist abstraction meets a metaphysics of concretion and presence. The geometric constellations in Hamanns works stem from serial superpositions of diverse materials like paper, tinted foil and metal plates. Within a recursive process the artist projects photographed and filmed assemblages onto surfaces of still further material residues. Thus step by step multilayered abstract constellations emerge in which the original materiality of the elements displayed are (like the imprint of bodies) crammed into the pictorial skin.


For further information about the event and artwork please click here>>.