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Drop in and let the Malzfabrik enchant you.

Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
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Whiskyherbst No. 15
Specials 05. Sep - 06. Sep 2014
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Whiskyherbst No. 15

After 13 successful years in Köpenick and the move to the Malzfabrik last year, the Whiskeyherbst visits our premises for the second time around. The reason is yet again the sheer size of our grounds, where even more exhibitors and visitors can feel right at home. In addition, the number of exhibitors with specialities such as rum had already increased in 2013, which is certainly true for Whiskeyherbst No. 15 as well.


We are pleased to be hosting again and welcome music, seminars, auctions and lots of whiskey on tap on 5 / 6 September 2014.

Admission to the Whiskeyherbst is 10 Euro and includes the official Whiskeyherbst glass.




Opening hours:

Friday, 5 September 3 pm to 10 pm

Saturday, 6 September 12 pm to 10 pm


This is an event by Cöpenicker Whisky-Herbst GbR