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EuroDynamics at District Berlin
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EuroDynamics at District Berlin


Make you sweat
EuroDynamics at District Berlin

Directed by Zeljka Blaksic aka Gita Blak


On the occasion of the MALZWIESE,

Summer Festival, District Kunst- und Kulturförderung presents the third part of the trans-cultural learning project EuroDynamics. “Make you sweat” is a performance at various sites around District’s exhibition spaces on the historic Malzfabrik compound.


In collaboration with the international musicians, dancers, filmmakers and visual artists of the EuroDynamics project, the artist Zeljka Blaksic develops a choreography for an itinerary between ideas, art forms and places. Activating hidden parts of the former factory buildings, “Make you sweat” connects the discussion of sustainability concepts to the provocative notion of “meaningless work” created by the conceptual artist Walter de Maria in 1960: “! Meaningless work = well being !”. Within the historic setting of industrial labor, the performance will be centered on the double reflection of work as (possibly meaningless) activity and work as (scripted, repetitive) art production. The participating cultural producers interpret task-oriented assignments transferred by Blaksic from Walter de Marias influential “script” into the realm of contemporary environmental issues.


Taking its departure point from the knowledge and curiosity of each artistic contributor, the performance “Make you sweat” presents unconventional reflections on sustainability concepts through the arts. The entire performance will be documented and turned into a new video piece.


For more information: www.district-berlin.com