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Jana Gunstheimer


Opening: April 25th 2013, 7pm

Exhibition: April 26th 2013 until April 23th 2015

Opening hours: Tuesday until Friday, 12am to 5pm and by appointment.


Since 2011, District presents as Art & Architecture site-specifically developed art projects, which point to critical approaches reflecting on current social questions at the intersection of architecture, urban space and media technologies. This framework has seen the realisation of Barbara Caveng's Neuköllner Sozialparkett (2011), the installation Banner Study for an Agora (2011-2013) by Discoteca Flaming Star, and Public Face (2012-2013) by Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus and Richard Wilhelmer to date.


Located in Genie (Labor) is a tribune, an observatory of the cell in a dystopian experimental station. Visitors stand here, on the safe side of the ceiling-high bars, as if representing the research and monitoring team. Like a miniature panopticon, the architecture allows for seamless control of all proceedings inside the prison, becoming the physical parable for the current omnipresence of surveillance technologies. Michel Foucault describes the panopticon as "a form of political technology" through which bodies are implanted in space and individuals are divided in their relations. This kind of hierarchic organisation, which defines centres and tactics of power, appears in Gunstheimer's installation as a double stage. Whilst the audience's perspective is directed onto the abandoned scene beneath them, their exposed position turns them into subjects of observation. Who knows, after all, what it is that is being investigated in this laboratory.


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