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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
(Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations #2
Exhibitions 28. Feb - 28. Feb 2013

(Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations #2

(Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations #2
curated by Susanne Husse


VOLUME as a score
curated by Anne-Lou Vicente and Raphaël Brunel


With works/ editions/ documents by/ on Anna Barham, Francis Baudevin, Pierre Beloüin & P. Nicolas Ledoux, Dominique Blais, Janet Cardiff, Ruth Ewan, William Furlong, Dora Garcia, Brian Kennon, Bertrand Lamarche, Tom Marioni, Kristin Oppenheim, Dominique Petitgand, Mattin, Jérôme Poret, Vittorio Santoro, Georgina Starr, a.o.

Opening: February 28, 2013, 7 pm
D.E.A.D. Valley Screening + Weather Dust Storm Report Remix by Jérôme Poret, 8 pm


Exhibition: 1. – 9.3., 4. – 13.4., 26.4. –26.5.2013
Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 12 to 6 pm


Presenting the French Magazine VOLUME for the first time in Germany, District Kunst- und Kulturförderung opens the second part of its ongoing series of exhibition experiments and performative exercises (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations. Displaying works, editions and documents by and on a group of international artists Anne-Lou Vicente and Raphaël Brunel, editors of the magazine VOLUME • What You See Is What You Hear, translate their publishing practice into an investigation of the notational character of the past and current VOLUME magazine issues.


VOLUME • What You See Is What You Hear is the first magazine devoted to the complex relationships between visual and sound forms in contemporary art. The proposal VOLUME as a score considers the five issues of the magazine (and the 6th one which is currently in progress and will be released in May) as a database from which audio documents and works, but also videos, publications and objects will be selected, then transferred and displayed into the Turtle II – Luis Berríos Negrón’s architectural sculpture being used as the support of a spatial and tangible score. Here, textual comments and research topics leave place to a set of original works, editions, and documents by/on artists, which echo the magazine and its content as much as they create a new network of meanings. Thus, each element works as a sample in a visual and audio mix, which is to be re-activated by the visitors in their own progress through this scrappy score.


D.E.A.D. Valley Screening + Weather Dust Storm Report Remix by Jérôme Poret, February 28, 2013, 8 pm As an introduction to the opening of VOLUME as a score, Jérôme Poret will project his video D.E.A.D. Valley (2010) followed by a sound performance based on audio extracts from installations, live performances and sound pieces realized since 2004, which are published in Poret’s recent monographic catalog and CD weather dust storm center. Progressively, this kind of remix will fuse with and turn into a personal playlist emerging from the content of VOLUME, as a possible "soundtrack" of the magazine thus given to be heard to the audience.


Image: Susan Stengler, Score of Soundtrack for an Exhibition, 2006, Courtesy of the artist and Mathieu Copeland


An event of District Kunst- und Kulturförderung