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Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
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RebellComedy is back!
Exclusive Su | 31. Mar 2013 | 19:00
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RebellComedy is back!

We are delighted that "RebellComedy – Destroy with Laughter what Destroys You" is coming back to our house, because RebelComedy is a very special kind of comedy. Organized by Streetlife Comedy Jam and Jam FM it will kick off at the Malzfabrik for the second time on March 31st.


RebellComedy is a young, fresh StandUp Comedy Show, which is set to revolutionize the local entertainment industry. As an alternative to existing formats RebelComedy features comedy entertainment for the new generation of Germany, which the media has not addressed yet. The audience is, as well as the comedians, multicultural, which is reflected both in the direct interaction with the audience and in the artist´s language. Authentic, creative, and sometimes rough and edgy content will be presented.


The comedians talk about current issues straight from the audience´s own every day life, so they can identify with the content of the show and the comedians on stage. RebellComedy is entertainment at its best, straight from the people.


Date: March 31st
Location: Maschinenhalle, Malzfabrik
Time: 7 pm to 11 pm

Tickets for the show "RebellComedy" are now available in advance here>>.

An event of Streetlife International