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Non monumental Memorial
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Non monumental Memorial

The workshop deals with the topic of "monument" for a place, an act, a person or an event. How do you best maintain it? How do you highlight the past, including memorable items? Every kind of art can be used, whether contemporary, literary or urban. At the end, the participants present their "monument".

The participant will develop their own reflection on what a memorial is and begin to conceive their own memorial. With the tools of contemporary art, street art culture or writing, each participant will create his/her own memorial. What are the means we can use to preserve, to crystallize the past and therefore to remember? To remember a place, an action, an event or a person?

At the end, each participant will have to determine the place of the installation, according to the meaning of his/her memorial, determine how to install his/her memorial and proceed to the installation. Berlin is a city where memory is an integral part of architecture and identity of the city. Berlin's history has led many artists to reflect on memory and create monuments or non-monuments, so that people can remember what happened here. It is for us an ideal field on which to base our reflection.

The workshop is taking place on three dates:

Workshop 1:

Reflection and research on the memorial
16th February - 1 pm to 7 pm

Workshop 2:
Design and creation of the memorial
23rd February - 2 pm to 5

Workshop 3:
Scenography and installation of the memorial
2nd March


Location: Berlin Mitte und the studio of Dalila at the Malzfabrik
Cost: 40 Euro for three dates
sign up: himalaika@hotmail.fr
Number of participants: 8


You can sign up or get more information at himalaika@hotmail.fr.

For further information on the artist click here>>.