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Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
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The monGoteque Allstars
Specials Su | 31. Jul 2011 | 22:30
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The monGoteque Allstars "Time is TEQUEing"

 The monGoteque Allstars are an international dance collective and combine modern dance, ballet and theater with clowning and voguing styles. On the occasion of the Schwiiiiztag at the Malzfabrik on 31st July 2011, they will be presenting their new dance piece "Time is TEQUEing".


The choreography of Haouika Zun Porro is inspired by the Steampunk movement, which began in the 80s. Followers of Steampunk put themselves into the 18th and 19th century and imagine the past and the future from this perspective. In the center of the piece "Time is TEQUEing" is the relationship between man and machine, and the fusion of temporalities. The light, the electronic music and the retro-futuristic costumes pull this paradoxical and little-known genre into the present. The militant movements of the five young dancers are influenced by Butoh dance, ghetto tech, Aldous Huxley and of the steam engine, the invention that ignited the industrial revolution and provided the name for Steampunk.


Curtain: 22:30 on the stage between Machine Hall and Kellerei


Concept: Mongo Productions
Choreography: Haouika Zun Porro
Dancers: Leela Porro, Charisma Bruckmann, Max Mohr, Renate Regenbogen, Haouika Zun Porro
Costumes: Charisma Bruckmann, Claus Bykovsky, Alexander Pintz
Music: DJ Spunny
Lighting Design: Alexander Pintz
Duration: 15 - 20min