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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
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MTV Home at the Malzfabrik
Photo/Filmshoot Fr | 17. Dec 2010
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MTV Home at the Malzfabrik

What is more to a man’s life than lighting a fart, disturbing things or setting fire? Nothing, right. That’s why moderator Palina Rajinski shows us in “MTV Home” how to set a fire or how to blow up things. She does this in the old germination boxes of the Malzfabrik as here one thing or another can be blown up without great danger. Have a look here>> 


MTV Home is broadcasted since June 2009 every Friday and can also be watched on Lifestream on the internet. The show is moderated by Joko, Klaas and Palina Rokinski.