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Malznight in January - Between Heaven and Earth
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Malznight in January - Between Heaven and Earth

Who does not have New Year’s resolutions? They range from doing more sports, getting rid of bad attitudes, being happily in love, staying healthy and fulfilling all of your dreams.

Realizing dreams – especially children’s dreams – is one of the things that the organization WORLD VISION fights for in more than hundred countries. The Children’s Fund supports families, children and their social environment to protect them against poverty and injustice. We would like to support children to realize their dreams and thus have invited the expert Oliver Müller to our next Malzabend. He will give an insight into the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid of WORLD VISION.


After the guided tour by Frank Sippel through the Malzfabrik, we will show the award-winning short film “Between Heaven and Earth” from York-Fabian Raabe. This movie shows two African brothers being caught between heaven and earth when dramatic scenes of their lives are recalled. In addition the author and director gives exclusive background information about his movie and answers your questions.


We invite you warmly to our Malzabend “Between Heaven and Earth” on January 13th 2011 at 7pm. Registration until January 12th under events@malzfabrik.de


We are looking forward to seeing you!




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