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Life in the Malzfabrik


As the name suggests, the team from Ackerdemia works for more knowledge and appreciation around nature and food.


They develop and implement innovative concepts that are scientifically sound and achieve a lasting effect. They focus on three important aspects: education, research and solution. Their award-winning educational program is aimed at schools, daycare centres and other educational institutions where children and adolescents learn where food comes from and how to consciously handle it.


Research projects in the fields of agriculture and economics, environmental and nutrition science as well as pedagogy are used as a basis for solutions and measures in close cooperation with universities and non-university research institutions.


The focus is on the analysis of social alienation from food production as well as the scientifically based impact measurement of political and societal approaches to solutions.


Based on the results, they develop new products and services that are closely and sustainably oriented towards the needs of society. Ackerdemia supports and advises organizations and jointly creates individual solutions.