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The secret keychain
Thursday | 12. March 2020

The secret keychain

A wide merchandise selection is available to all visitors and Malzfabrik fans at the gatehouse. Honey, small cutting boards, folding rulers, t-shirts – and since the beginning of the year we also have a “secret” keychain.


It looks secret because of the imprints. On the front side you have some coordinates. The back side has the lettering “I have to get there” with the M in form of the Malzfabrik logo. Therefore, it is easy to guess that the coordinates lead to one place: To the Malzfabrik.


The black keychain has a high quality soft touch haptic and has a key ring for hanging your keys on it. For 2 Euro you can purchase a piece – no matter if it is a souvenir to remember that you have been here or as a present as inspiration to come here for others that should discover this place for themselves.


Step by and take it with you!