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Malzfabrik News Overview

Up and down and all around
Monday | 15. January 2018

Up and down and all around

April 2017 brought the all clear for the beginning of the restauration of the Kachelhaus lift. It connects all event areas through the rear staircase – Maschinenhalle, Studio, Speicher and Sonnendeck – and the restaurant “Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen”


The extended reconstruction included the renewal of the railway road, the implementation of a new elevator shaft framework, painting of the steel construction and the lattice frame and the installation of the cabin.


On 21st December our new lift received it´s TÜV certification and the first Malzfabrik team members went on the maiden voyage to the upper level. Now every guest wanting to have his lunch at the “Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen” is getting there even faster and can enjoy the view of the whole area on the Sonnendeck.


With this project we have resurrected another relic of the rich history of the Malzfabrik.

Up and up we go!