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A good plan
Monday | 13. November 2017
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A good plan

Three pages filled with information about the Malzfabrik, sustainability, monument preservation or history and a comprehensive site plan now populate the general infopoint at the entrance.


The plan urgently needed an update to give our visitors an overview before taking a walk. Because there are always renovations and steady growth on our premises. The aspect of sustainability gives an insight into our environmentally conscious action and where it is already visible on the grounds.


The monument preservation and history of the former factory is close to our hearts and with the help of the German Foundation for Monument Protection, some restorations have already been successfully implemented. The Malzfabrik infopage naturally displays our philosophy and all our channels of exposure.


An all-round plan, which is visible from three sides and will receive lighting as well as a donation box for the ground maintenance in the coming weeks.