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Future music
Monday | 23. October 2017

Future music

It sounds like future music, but it´s so close already. Deutsche Bahn introduced a new concept at a press conference in our Maschinenhalle: Ioki. It stands for input, output and artificial intelligence.


Deutsche Bahn Management Director Berthold Huber and Ioki-Managing-Director Michael Barillere-Schulz proudly presented the autonomous shuttle-service that will be implemented with a few million Euro.


A driverless electro-bus can be ordered directly to your doorstep via smartphone app. But before this project can start, two pilot projects in form of an autonomous bus line and ride-sharing service as well as an autonomous bus will begin first. Furthermore an electrical Tuk-Tuk was introduced which is already running on the business premises of Deutsche Bahn in Frankfurt.


We look forward to all the things that will enrich our streets in the future and protect the environment.


And a driverless shuttle-service from Südkreuz directly to Malzfabrik would make us very happy!


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