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On the meadow with Coby Grant
Monday | 25. September 2017

On the meadow with Coby Grant

The artist Coby Grant is making music in the Pop genre. Her songs speak of life, love and her experiences.


As the summer was in full swing with lots of flowers and green, lush surroundings, the Australian was filming two live-videos for the songs “Heartbeat” and “ Brother” for the music label Berlin Sessions.


To get going, she ate a hot chilli right before her performance. This gave her voice humour and even more depth. Coby Grant is writing her lyrics herself and puts her whole heart in it. In 2011 we had a tour throughout the USA and arrived now in Berlin to settle down.


We wish her a lot of success and enjoy the songs that were filmed on our premises under chilli influence.


Have a look at the videos here>>.