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The Malzwiese buzzed with you!
Thursday | 08. June 2017

The Malzwiese buzzed with you!

The Malzwiese buzzed with you on 3rd of June! More than 4.200 visitors celebrated with us from noon to early morning.

Together we experienced a day packed with many actions, a colourful DaWanda design market, a DIY area with floral wreath binding, Slam lectures in the urban oasis and the machine hall, lots of cheering at the Champions League Final, thunders of applause and dancing storms for and with the bands, a delicious feast with the best food trucks from Bite Club, chilling on the meadow, splashing in the recreational pool, a unicorn race, bubbles in the air, cool drinks, we even defied the rain until the sun decided to shine down on us and perfect the endless memories each of us made that day.

We thank you so much for your coming, thank our partners, helpers, supporters, teams, artists, makers, friends for every hearty contribution. All this wouldn’t have been possible without you!

The anticipation is growing now already for the next year’s edition which will take place on 2nd of June 2018! Mark this date in your calendar!

It was so delightful with you!


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Further information about the festival is to be found here: www.malzwiese.de