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Start of the bathing season
Tuesday | 01. May 2018
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Start of the bathing season

On 1st of May the official season of our recreational pool has started and until 1st of October there shall be joyful bathing, swimming and enjoying the water and the beach.

To make sure we keep having a harmonious and friendly time together, the following points are to be observed:


I. Weekdays (Monday till Friday) the pool is only for tenants and employees.


II.Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) the pool is open to the public from 11 am – 7 pm.


III. To make sure the water can recover each day, the number of pool visitors is maximum 80 people per day.


IV. You can pay the entrance fee* at the gatekeeper.
>> children under 6 years free
>> children from 6-12 years 1 €
>> people over 12 years 2,50 €


* the entrance fee is used for the upkeep of the pool ( maintenance, cleaning, trash)
* additionally we take a deposit which is paid back after the day by the gatekeeper


V. At the beach and the beach area no glass bottles are allowed because of the risk of injury.


VI. The pool supervisors ( medics, lifeguards, controllers) are responsible for the wellbeing of everybody and their instructions are to be followed.

We wish you a splendid bathing season!