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Final phase
Monday | 27. March 2017
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Final phase

On 13th of April, at 1 pm, the gates to the International Garden Exhibition in Berlin-Hellersdorf will be open and the Malzfabrik is part of it.


For 186 days, the 103 hectare IGA site is open to visitors daily from 13th of April to 15th of October 2017. During that time you can visit the gardens of the world, the Wuhletal and the Kienbergpark. Here is the finest international garden architecture combined with urban life culture according to the motto "an OCEAN of colours".


On 100 square meters, we present ourselves with selected projects and invite you to join us. The scaffold construction with old fragments from the factory gives a brief overview of the history of malting, our sustainable real estate development and the unique industrial grounds with its values ​​and contents. We want to celebrate with you a century of history in a special place in the middle of the city. Come and see for yourselves!


More information: www.iga-berlin-2017.de


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