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Good strategy
Wednesday | 22. March 2017

Good strategy

The entire Malzfabrik team – having grown to sixteen team members - joined forces at the Kachelhaus studio for an entire strategy day.


Kicking it off we positioned our mood with the help of weather conditions. Sunny, blue skies to cloudy or even foggy everything was there. We all got a picture of each team members feelings and immediately began with an exciting questionnaire.


We discussed what distinguishes a team from a group and found a clear demarcation. Then everybody was invited to register their feeling about the teams´ current status on a team clock. Four phases were represented - orientation, conflict, standardization and integration. Almost everyone was in agreement with the latter. Based on a team development scale, each member of the team then presented his assessments and wishes for the future.


After a hearty lunch everyone went to the Speicher for a small team-building course, which brought a lot of balance, a helping togetherness and plenty fun. To conclude, there was an introduction to better integration of body postures with Yoga at work until we all dispersed into the evening.


An eventful and interesting day with a lot of heart and team spirit. Until next time!