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Event facilities with style
Tuesday | 21. March 2017
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Event facilities with style

A marvelous cooperation took place in February for the first Malzabend in 2017. This evening was to become a special event, as the Malzfabrik celebrates its centenary this year.


We celebrated this special event with over 150 guests in the Maschinenhalle. The location is perfect for unique occasions and formats with its industrial charm, steel beams, black-and-white flooring and tiles on the walls.


Flores Y Amores - professional event supplier - delivered a truck filled with the latest rental furniture, table decorations and designs. No effort was spared to fit out the evening regally. As a lover of industrial style, Flores Y Amores is the perfect partner and complimented the hall with a touch of elegance by adding petrol-colored armchairs and poufs, combined with gray sofas and side tables.

In addition, the chic metal chairs "Sleeping Dragon" were placed on a long wooden table with crystal vases, ranches, broom and copper-tinted candle pots. A sight in petrol, white, copper - noble from every perspective. Thank you for this wonderful cooperation!


It was a special evening. More about Flores Y Amores can be found in the corresponding blog entry

here>> or on the website.


We already look forward to the next time!