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Coconut cannon
Friday | 17. March 2017
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Coconut cannon

The coconut cannon went viral. The Berlin police, N24 and Spiegel Online reported about the incident on March 1 on our premises.


The police was called in the early evening hours when loud bangs echoed through our park and coconuts were flying around. No one was hurt. It was a test run of the artist Julian Charrière,

who built a metal coconut cannon metal with some students. This gun works with compressed air and is not intended as a weapon, but an art project.


The test run was in preparation of shipment to the Antarctic, where it will be part of the first Antarctic Biennale. The cannon bears the title "The Purchase of the South Pole". Charrière worked on the heavy cannon for over two months in his studio on the Malzfabrik. It fires coconuts instead of cannon balls to draw attention to climate change in an artistic way, which can also become a weapon.


Whether Charrière can present his cannon at the Biennale is still uncertain - the police confiscated the apparatus and the procedure for illegal gun possession is still pending.


We wish the artist good luck and a successful biennale!


Copyright: Photographer J. Charrière