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Capital basil
Tuesday | 31. January 2017

Capital basil

What looks like a freshly landed UFO is the future of food production and it starts right here in our park. Our tenant ECF Farmsystems is using energy-saving LED lighting this season to provide good growth to the new capital basil. The perfect basil light is provided like a summer day, but also in winter.


The 14.000 LEDs are switched on mainly in the morning and in the evening in order to extend the day. The small lamps are fed by fresh green electricity from Lichtblick.


The capital basil will be available from March always on the Tag der offenen Tür an der Farm,

at the farm, but also in all Berlin branches of a great retail chain (which will be announced shortly).


If you would like more information or have a question about the LEDs, you can contact ECF Farmsystems at any time.


More information is available at: www.ecf-farmsystems.com