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Thanks to the filmmakers!
Saturday | 31. December 2016
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Thanks to the filmmakers!

A huge thank you to the filmmakers of breuerundsanderfor the wonderful 24 Advent videos! The Malzfabrik team devoted some of their Advent spirits to singing, traditions and beautiful but also tricky questions all under the motto „Heiliger Bimbam“.

Filming, directing and editing was in the hands of our tenants breuerundander. Whether trailer, advertising clip or short documentation, image film and company portrait - Matthias Breuer and André Sander offer a diverse portfolio. From concept to directing to editing and design, everything works hand in hand.


We speak from direct experience since this is not the first joint project. They shot a documentation on the remodeling of our four Darren chimneys and captured the 2015 Malzwiese - our annual summer festival - in picture and sound.


We say thank you and look forward to future projects!


Check out what breuerundanderander breuerundsander do>>!