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Holy cow!
Wednesday | 30. November 2016

Holy cow!

"Heiliger Bimbam auf der Malzfabrik" is this year's Malzfabrik Advent Calendar with a door to open every day from 1 to 24 December.


24 days, 24 doors filled with 24 surprises in video format. The Malzfabrik team ventured in front of the camera for you and rehearsed fun, reflective, instructive, playful and musical sequences.


This is to shorten the waiting time until Christmas Eve and provide you with a hearty and warm Christmas season.


Check our Facebook page or Youtube channel daily starting December 1st and expect to be enchanted!


This way>> to the Malzfabrik Facebook page.
This way>> to the Youtube channel.


Ho ho ho - we wish you a wonderful Christmas season!