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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Monday | 07. November 2016
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The entrance to the new office areas of the Malzfabrik team is located directly next to the gatehouse.


Due to the move of the previous tenant the location presented an excellent opportunity to create more proximity to what´s happening on our premises. New walls were put up and painted over the summer months, floor poured, electrics renewed and the interior furnishings selected.


The kitchen and the meeting room were designed by Berliner Möbelerfinder. They created unique furniture using materials from the Alte Mälzerei. A special highlight is the Malzfabrik vision made of individual letters in a wooden frame on the kitchen wall.


Until the big moving day on October 27 the second floor seemed like a small construction site. It was cleared up big time and space was created. Less is more – that´s the motto. In turn we were able to unpack the moving boxes in the new space much more quickly and gradually each item finds its suitable place.


There is a distinct feel-good factor in the new rooms with the stately high ceilings and everyone is warmly welcome to one or many visits.