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Make the ATMAN experience!
Thursday | 24. November 2016

Make the ATMAN experience!

The Atman exhibition celebrated its opening on June 1 with Tim Renner - the Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs in Berlin – and the flow of visitors has steadily grown. Numerous people booked the guided tours through various locations and reappeared afterwards with bright eyes.



The inspiring photographs and matching rooms of the "Alte Mälzerei" form the perfect symbiosis. Visitors could not put their enthusiasm into words, the book "ATMAN" is already available in second edition. Due to the great demand the exhibition was extended by another three months at the beginning of October.


ATMAN is an invitation to an emotional encounter and meeting with one's own true self. The magical images, which emerged from moments of deepest proximity between the photographer and his wise counterpart, allow us to dive into silence.


The doors are open from Wednesday to Sunday until December 31st – the very personal ATMAN experience is waiting for you!

Photo exhibition - The ATMAN experience

Open: from 1 June to 31 December 2016
Hours: Wednesday to Friday from 3 to 9 pm,
Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 9 pm


Further information available at: www.atman.de