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Malzfabrik News Overview

Welcome, Mahmud!
Monday | 15. August 2016

Welcome, Mahmud!

The Malzfabrik grounds are in full bloom! The park was equipped with numerous regional plants in the spring to complete the oasis.


Our natural ponds are in need of special care and attention. We were looking for someone to support us in that aspect who really enjoys work outside in the green.


The head of the Teske school aided us in the search for the right person. We had realized a joint project in the fall of 2015 and have since enjoyed the cooperation.


Thanks to the helping hand the search did not take long and soon we were able to welcome Mahmud. He has taken care of the grounds since April now and supports our Facility Manager Armin.


Mahmud takes special pleasure in the care of the ponds – even in temperatures around 30 degrees! With a watchful eye for detail he pays attention to the cleanliness of the pond and the special care of the water plants in the adjoining areas.


We warmly welcome Mahmud and are glad about a new team member!