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Think Tank
Wednesday | 10. August 2016
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Think Tank

A water tank in the basement of the Kachelhaus went through major transformation over the summer months.


During the original malting days it could store up to 26,500 liters of water. After the malting factory stopped production in 1998 the tank remained unused and took up an enormous 26.5 cubic meters of basement space.

Due to the basement-development for the new event locations and the desire to preserve this industrial relic, a plan to expand the tank to a seating and presentation arena was created.


The first measure was cutting up the upper half with time consuming welding. A section was then cut out of the lower part as an entrance area and was provided with a matching railing.


Oak boards from a former store were re-used as flooring, benches and two tables were installed and the side section was cut open to create space for a mobile monitor. The final touch was applied by the use of linseed oil instead of lacquer for the outdoor section to emphasize the natural look.


A variety of materials was retrieved from the Alte Mälzerei or surrounding locations with upcycling character. Surrounded by open, visible and tactile masonry, the so-called Think Tank adds a new meeting space and provides room for small presentations, corporate meetings, mini-workshops, or simply as a fueling station for new ideas.


The complete expansion ends in the last week of August, when the building team around carpenter Max Junker and his support Martin, who also serves as project manager of the IP-Garden, open the tank for business. We are almost there!


Further information about the Think Tank will soon be available.