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Roof for Roof
Tuesday | 16. August 2016
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Roof for Roof

Even before the restoration of the intermediate roof between Kachelhaus and Kellerei is completed the next roofing project starts: the canopy of the Kellerei.


The Kellerei canopy is constructed from steel trusses and is entirely covered with a wire glass cover which has suffered due to external influences and is in urgent need of repair. This will now be put into action with great support by the Heritage Office.


Restoration starts in early August by removing the canopy cover and sandblasting the entire structure and the application of the paintcoat with the same color code as the intermediate roof. The process takes a total of eight weeks until the roof shines in new light in October when the scaffolding will be removed.


A very big thank you to the German Foundation for Monument Protection and the State Heritage Office that help us with so much dedication to preserve our premises step by step.


More information at: www.denkmalschutz.de