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Monday | 20. June 2016
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Our tenant and artist Anna Kott provided the contact to her friend and yoga teacher Maren Zänker a few weeks ago.


It quickly became clear that the Malzfabrik team has great interest in the Indian philosophical teachings and many of us attended class for the first time in early June.


Maren practises trueself-yoga every Monday at 5 pm and welcomes everyone to the experience. All are invited to a take time out for themselves by tensing and relaxing the body in unison with their consciousness.


A treat for the soul, which we can only recommend. In warm weather the yoga mats find a place on the meadow. Each tenant and friend of the Malzfabrik is cordially invited to take part.


The fee is 15 Euro for 60 intense minutes. Meeting point is the gatehouse at 4.55 pm.


More information about the yoga teacher here>>.