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Four legs in the office
Thursday | 19. May 2016
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Four legs in the office

Berlin newspaper B.Z. am Sonntag featured a report on Sunday on our tenant Guido Pomplun and his dog Lotte. The PR agency owner takes his companion to the office every day.

Lotte is now 13 years old, has long slender legs, a black and white spotted coat and floppy ears. Like all employees she has her work station with a soft blanket and feed and water bowls. Lotte is the smallest but the most important member of the team of Guido Pomplun, who claims that she is the unifying element.

He is not alone with that assessment. A recent survey showed that 70 percent of employees say that pets at work improve the mood and increase productivity.


Following aspects speak for a dog in the office
* Dogs in offices strengthen the bond
* Sense of responsibility and team spirit increase
* Petting dogs reduces stress
* Walking dogs during breaks promotes movement and hence the concentration

For these and many other reasons 53 percent of german employers are now no longer against dogs at work. However, dog owners should first carefully consider whether to take their friends to work and weigh the pros and cons. The Malzfabrik is definitely pro dogs and is happy with Lotte and her animal friends who stroll around the premises daily.

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