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ATMAN Berlin 2016
Monday | 29. February 2016

ATMAN Berlin 2016

In 2016 Bernd Kolb set out on a journey to search for those who still preserve the ancient wisdom traditions of Asia. He managed to capture images of those wise people who are still among us and know true happiness since they are able to live in the here and now.


This emotional and profound journey created the book "Atman". It is the deep soul connection between the photographer and his object.


Last year Bernd Kolb visited us and we were allowed to participate in his "Wisdom Journey". Now he returns to initiate a new and very special project in the halls of the Malzfabrik.

The great ATMAN exhibition will be on display June 1 to September 30, 2016!

The exhibition shall evolve into co-creation space for everyone interested in "soul experiences" to come together and communicate. Kolb himself will act as curator and develop a program from all collected ideas.

To be part of the project, come along here >>.

For more information on Bernd Kolb click here >>.