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Shrub and stone
Thursday | 11. February 2016

Shrub and stone

The young and innovative nature garden and engineering company "Staude und Stein" maintains our terrain since November 2015.


Through the participation in the project "Near-natural design of corporate campuses," we got to know Sebastian and Jürgen from "Staude und Stein”. Their credo: Cultivating native plants and wild plants and support them in their natural processes and developments.


"Natural" means the use of regional building materials, care without herbicides and chemical fertilizers and the colonization of beneficial organisms and native animals.

Our natural gardens shall become nature adventure gardens. With a plant-bed for tasting, insect hotel and a biotope with thematic areas and information panels. With time, care and attention to detail Sebastian and Jürgen will develop many small natural garden oases on our terrain this year.


A terraced garden will be created at the far end of our Next grounds until April with a tasting bed and insect hotel and a bench under cherry trees to recover and enjoy the view over the rolling meadow.

The natural pond, known as the "Weiher", will be carefully planted by them in May to serve as a wetland for the native flora and fauna. Only native plants create sustainability, they are long lasting and need little maintenance. The only thing that remains constant amid the natural landscape is change!


Find more information about our natural gardeners here>>.