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Malzfabrik News Overview

History to touch
Saturday | 09. April 2016

History to touch

The twice monthly journey through the Malzfabrik begins in 1914 when the construction of a modern malthouse was comissioned and ends with the current model of use.


That's over a hundred years of history, garnished by tour guide Kristina Petrow with numerous details about malt production, backgrounds of former malt workers and architectural information about the factory building.


Whether just passing through with a free time slot, lovers of history, architecture or beer – the Malzreise with a duration of 60 minutes is highly recommended.


Upcoming dates:
09.04. I 26.04. I 07.05. I 21.05. I 18.06. I 02.07. I 16.07. I 30.07. I 13.08. I 27.08. I 24.09. I 08.10. I 22.10. I 05.11. I 19.11. I 03.12. I 17.12. I 31.12.


We look forward to many interested travelers and traveling interested!


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