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Roof over our heads
Tuesday | 10. November 2015
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Roof over our heads

In August 2015, the German Foundation for Monument Protection passed a sponsorship contract for the restoration of the courtyard roof and lights at the main gate.


After the roofing of the courtyard roof was removed in 2011 due to deterioration, we will start the restoration this year with the support of the Berlin Monument Authority and the German Foundation for Monument Protection.


The construction which connects the area between the Kellerei and the Kachelhaus will be assessed in mid-November to define the extent of the restoration. Early next year the steel structure will to be dismantled and transported to the workshop. The company Partenheimer will conduct the whole process, as they successfully did with the restoration of the Darren. The steal structure will be coated and freshly galvanized at the workshop to return in high polish to the Malzfabrik in May 2016.


Then the roofing will be done on site. The wood trim around the two glass structures will be addressed first. After the glass parts are completed the rest of the roof can be sealed and made ready for the rain.


Next July we will be able to even enjoy rainy summer evenings and finish the work day with a roof over our heads.