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Do I see water?
Thursday | 01. October 2015
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Do I see water?

The first of our two ponds was completed just in time for the golden autumn.


With a surface area of 800 square meters and a volume of 1300 cubic meters, it now adorns our green meadow that is increasingly evolving into a park. The pond collects the premises´ rainwater and makes local evaporation possible.


This creates added value for flora and fauna as well as recreational benefits for us. Water slowly ripples over a small waterfall through filter channels to keep it´s good quality.


We are proud and happy to have completed this milestone project.


Next spring we will turn our attention to the second pond which is designed as a pure natural biotope and is already lovingly called the “Weiher”. Continuous shore plantings of reeds and rare native plant species will form a separate space for the animal and plant life, so that overtime small wetlands may develop.


Water is life.