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Malzfabrik News Overview

Wednesday | 29. July 2015


A few weeks ago the Malzteam enjoyed its annual team outing.


As in previous years the whole day was a planned surprise and this time it was called: water! The entire team floated through the channels to the Müggelsee and back to Treptow Park - a small half trip around the Berlin world.


The Malzteam took advantage of the tour not only to share stories and strnthen the bond among each other, but also to revisit the strategy meeting from the beginning of the year and assess the implementation. Each team presented its completed projects, which were then symbolically written on little paper boats and lowered into the water. This act should free our minds for new and upcoming projects.


Up next was a spirited barbecue with lots of good food and talks. Despite continuous rain we enjoyed the day on the boat and made it back to shore in one piece.


Until next time. Ahoy!