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Shape and color
Tuesday | 18. August 2015
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Shape and color

After many plans and even more ideas it's finally here. The dream of our own rainwater ponds becomes reality.

Three years ago we came up with the idea of collecting the rainwater from the roofs and many other impervious surfaces to let it evaporate or seep into the ground, rather than paying money to let it flow into the drains. The result was the design for two rainwater ponds on our meadow. The first will be a natural pond that filters the water and offers home to many rare plants and native species. The second is much larger and an awesome recreational pond with a large beach and dock.


The pond construction came with many difficult preparations. Our rainwater sewers of the individual buildings were combined under the courtyard and are now running into the newly reclaimed cistern under the ramp of the Next building. Both ponds will be fed from there. To prepare for the event that not enough rain water might be available, we are in the process to reactivate one of our deep wells on the property, which has a depth of 100m and will also be connected to our new underground rainwater network.


We developed a coherent general concept with water engineers, filter specialists, geologists, natural gardeners and pond specialists, which is now being implemented step by step. The pond builders devote their attention first on the recreational pond, which has just been formed and will be lined and planted in the coming weeks. In addition, elaborate underground Rigolen structures will prevent a possible flood in the event of persistent heavy rain.


We are ready for the sandy beach and hope to dangle our feet in the water when the golden autumn arrives.