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Another milestone
Friday | 30. October 2015

Another milestone

"We believe in the Green Steps we are taking. We maintain a relaxed atmosphere with new ideas and initiatives, and ensure satisfaction for us and our visitors" is the summary from a sustainability workshop by the Malzteam.

We would like to stress this with extended sustainability content on our website. The new tab "sustainability" will communicate our Green Steps. Here we show a more sustainable treatment of our environment.


The sustainability section is structured as follows
1 Green Manuals - PDF's for download and follow suit.
2 Green Team - Sustainability is important to each team member, so everyone contributed his own personal tip.
3 Green Ideas - Our personal ideas for a better world and projects which we developed ourselves. Whether DIY or Selfmade – lots of inspiration to be found.
4 Green Tips - Sustainable recommendations for you that we use or discovered ourselves.
5 Green Awards - Here are our collected green awards.


This marks another visible step towards sustainability and we are glad to announce today that this content is available on our website immediately. This way to the tab>>.