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MALZWIESE 2015 - The Film
Wednesday | 05. August 2015
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MALZWIESE 2015 - The Film

Cheery Movie! Even the teaser for this year's summer festival reminds us of the wonderful Malzwiese 2015.


We have spent the last few weeks with a large dose of patience and now proudly announce:

The Malzwiese Film is finished!


We thank all our enchanting visitors, creative market-men, cordial sponsors, dear friends and our supportive families for this summery festival.


A big special thanks to the film's producers breuerundsander Matthias Breuer und André Sander GbR that put an awful lot of work and heart into the teaser and the film. Now you can witness it yourself.


So sit back and let the images and sounds bring back the memories of an unforgettable summer day in June!


This way to the Film>>.
Picture gallery here>>.