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Naturally stylish
Monday | 20. July 2015
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Naturally stylish

Everything begins with the collection of leefs that have naturally fallen to the ground...


The company Leef is unique in its focus on sustainability, safety and fairness in the production of sheet plates and utensils for every kind of event. The new non-profit project Leef Unlimited offers an additional perspective on green aspect of event management. Because for every dish served on a plate, the equivalent rainforest space is bought and thus protected in the long term. The Malzfabrik uses the sustainable dishes for their events and is more than convinced.

The sheets for the dishes come from the Areka palmtree that is grown for the production of the very popular betel nuts in Asia. The leaves are a waste product of nature and are oftentimes simply burned. Thus no forests are cleared or new plantations built for the sheet plates of Leef.

After collecting the Leef leaves are cleaned and dried. This process is also subject to a sustainable supply chain, since the cleaning water is collected nd re-used for watering. Then the leaves are processed into the right shape in a special press for 80 seconds.


The hand-picked leaves receive no chemical treatments and are therefore fully compostable. After use the plates are turned into compost again within a few months. Leef calls this a "lending process" because the product is reproduced immediately after use back into the ecosystem.

Through and through fair, sustainable and natural!


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