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We collect rain
Friday | 12. June 2015
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We collect rain

The last paving stones were inserted just in time for the Malzwiese on 6 June.


The driveway between Vorderhaus and Kachelhaus had been open for three weeks to construct a rainwater pipe towards the first retention pond. Thus the rainwater from our 27.000qm of sealed surfaces no longer flows into the sewers but into a cistern where it is filtered before it flows into the pond. The emerging wetland gets stocked with regional plants, creating a new habitat for regional animals.


The water is then passed under the ramp into the second pond. We are particularly looking forward to the second pond! Not only will it feature a sandy beach and planted jetty, but it will serve as a swimming pond for us and the tenants. The use of rainwater expands the options on the premises and saves money as well. It will no longer flow into the city sewers but remain on the Malzfabrik grounds.


We are absolutely looking forward to the summer of 2016 on the meadow.