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Malzfabrik News Overview

Monday | 25. May 2015


Draw anything, with anything, on anything in A5 format - on the Malzwiese.


1000 Drawings Berlin is a project that will culminate in a one evening art exhibition to raise money for a good cause.


Project 1000 Drawings offers visitors the opportunity to go home with an original and unique work of art. The interesting twist is that they do not know beforehand whether this artwork is made by a known artist, a designer or illustrator.


The drawings can be created by a variety of different people. Each drawing, sketch, watercolor, oil painting, charcoal drawing, manga or woodwork in A5 format will be donated to 1000 Drawings Berlin.

 The pieces are offered at the "Night of a 1000 Drawings Berlin" at a fixed price of 10 € each. The proceeds will go to social projects in Berlin and Choma.


You have the chance to be one of those artists and donate your piece to 1000 Drawings Berlin on the Malzwiese.

Join us and discover your creativity.


For further information click here>>.